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//- 8:25 am // Introductory Remarks

Rachael Bryson,
Senior Research Associate, The Conference Board of Canada

//- 8:30 am // Opening Remarks

H.E. Peteris Ustubs,
Ambassador of the European Union to Canada

//- 8:40 am // Keynote Addresses

The Hon. Serge Cormier,
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Defence

//- 9:00 am // Keynote Addresses

Lt. General Esa Pulkkinen,
Director General of European Union’s Military Staff (EUMS)

//- 9:30 am // PANEL-01: How PESCO Affects NATO-EU Defence Cooperation

Mr. Gordon Venner
Associate Deputy Minister for the Department of National Defence

In recognition of its rapidly changing and continually fluid security environment, EU Member States established the Permanent Structure Cooperation on security and defense (PESCO). PESCO aims to deepen defence cooperation among those who are participants while also increasing the individual member states’ capacity to respond to regional security challenges – currently 25 of 28 EU members have signed up the initiative. The EU has stressed that PESCO is intended to work with NATO and other defence agreements, avoiding duplication while complimenting the capabilities of the NATO alliance. Nonetheless, given that PESCO is still in its infacy, key questions remain: How will PESCO further integrate EU Member State defensive capabilities? How will the EU strengthen cooperation through PESCO with NATO? Can duplication be avoided? How do the EU’s traditional allies such as Canada view this expansion of EU military integration? And can any current Canadian doubts or concerns as to the impact on the NATO alliance be addressed?

Hear from a variety of perspectives on how PESCO will affect defence cooperation among EU participants and other allies.

Lt. General Esa Pulkkinen
Director General of European Union’s Military Staff (EUMS)

Ambassador Jorge Domecq
Chief Executive, European Defence Agency

Alexandros Papaioannou
NATO and Multilateral Affairs Section, Political Affairs and Security Policy Division

Prof. Stephen Saideman
Paterson Chair in International Affairs and Professor of International Affairs, Carleton University

//- 10:45 am // Interactive Session

Moderator/Scenario Designer:
Rachael Bryson
Senior Research Associate, The Conference Board of Canada

This scenario outlines a cyber- security breach in an EU country. Audience members will be presented with different options in which to respond to the scenario.


Air Commodore John D Maas (CBE RAF),
Senior Military Advisor to the Managing Director for CSDP and Crisis Response

//- 11:15 am // PANEL-02: PESCO in Action: Confronting Hybrid/Cyber Threats

Stephanie Carvin
Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University

The Cyber Rapid Response Teams and Mutual Assistance in Cyber Security Initiative was signed in June 2018 by six EU member states. This initiative is the most advanced project within the framework of PESCO, underlining the importance in establishing a collective cyber defence. Lithuania is the lead country.

Can this project become a best practice and leading example of how PESCO can inject new vigour into European defence capabilities? Will the initiative prepare EU Member States for the growing role that cyber capabilities are beginning to play and will increasingly play in state-to-state, regional and international confrontations? What can the EU allies learn or implement from this and other projects?

This session will expand on the Cyber Rapid Response Team and examine opportunities for Canada and its European allies to further cooperate in countering cyber and hybrid attacks.

Air Commodore John D Maas (CBE RAF)
Senior Military Advisor, Crisis Management and Planning Directorate, European External Action Service

Dr. Josef Schroefl 
Deputy Director, COI Strategy and Defence,
The European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats

Dr. Satyamoorthy Kabilan
Vice-President, Policy, Public Policy Forum

Colleen Merchant
Director General, National Cyber Security Directorate, Public Safety Canada

//- 12:15 pm // Closing Remarks

H.E. Ambassador Jorge Domecq
Chief Executive, European Defence Agency