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The global security environment faces numerous challenges, and traditional answers no longer suffice. Lines between external and internal aspects of security are blurred, new threats are emerging, and the traditional order is being challenged from multiple fronts. In these uncertain times, cooperation among strategic partners and like-minded countries, such as the European Union and Canada, provides a solid platform to promote a shared vision and agenda on the global stage.

Against this background, the  Delegation of the European Union to Canada organizes

its fourth Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Sympmosium

on Monday, 20 November 2017

 from 12:30 to 18:30 in Ottawa. 

The Symposium is an opportunity for the security and defence community in the EU and Canada to discuss their respective visions and strategies to provide security in the face of traditional and new threats.

At the end of the first year of implementation the European Union's Global Strategy, the CSDP Symposium, now firmly established in the landscape of Canadian security events, will provide a platform for key experts and decision-makers from the EU and Canada to debate on security and defence issues, specifically new threats such as asymmetric and hybrid warfare.


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